Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Atvel F16 PRO

Price: 299 € 269 €
UV to disinfect viruses and bacteria
Atvel F16 Pro is equipped with a UV sterilization lamp. The UV lamp destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria and is completely eco-friendly, unlike household chemicals. The lamp automatically turns off when the vacuum cleaner is removed from the floor in order to avoid radiation exposure to humans or animals. This feature is especially useful in homes with children and pets.
Cordless dry and wet cleaning
The Atvel F16 lets you save time on housework. Now you won't need to spend time on both dry and wet cleaning! You'll be able to vacuum up dry debris and mop your floor in one go. And all of this can be done wirelessly, without changing outlets. The hand vacuum easily moves across your floor, sucks up trash, wipes the floor with a wet rag and collects the water.
    Removes any dirt
    The vacuum is universal for all types of dirt. The Atvel F16 can mop up orange juice, chocolate, broken eggs, milk, or cereal. The combined roller also picks up dry trash, liquids, hair, and dust. Thanks to its unique texture, it picks up bigger trash than a standard floor rag does and leaves behind less water.
    Atvel G7 - technology
    It doesn't wipe, it washes!
    For a better clean, the vacuum is equipped with a combined roller made from an absorbent material that will constantly be moist. Dirty water is squeezed from the back side of the roller and thrown into the trash collector. There is a roller with a long brush included for rugs and carpet that picks up fur and hair well.
    Atvel G7 - noise
    HEPA cleaning and humidifying
    The air expelled from the vacuum is moisturized and passes through the HEPA12 class filter that removes small dust particles and allergens. The HEPA filter can be washed as necessary to guarantee best air cleaning.
    Atvel G7
    High power air suction
    The long-life brushless motor generates up to 5.5 kPa letting the Atvel F16 simultaneously remove dry trash and suck up liquids. The result of effective suction is a clean, dry, puddle-less floor.
    Separate containers for dirty and clean water
    The vacuum uses clean water from a special 680 ml (23 oz) container for cleaning. Trash and dirty water are collected in a 450 ml (15 oz) container. You simply need to fill the container with water and dump the dirty container's contents into your toilet from time to time.
    Automatic self-cleaning
    No matter how dirty, you won't need to wash your vacuum after a session. The intense self-cleaning system easily keeps it in good shape. Put your vacuum on the dock station and activate the function. The vacuum will wash its roller and nozzles. Automization of this process lets you keep the dock station clean. You only need to dump out the dirty water.
    LED display
    The vacuum's intellectual software works along with the user through the display to provide information about the vacuum's status. That way you won't forget to clean the trash container, add water, charge the device or turn on the self-cleaning function.
    Atvel G7 - washing
    MAX and ECO modes
    The Atvel F16 has two power settings for you to choose. The ECO mode (5000 Pa) is good for smooth surfaces like laminates, tile, wood flooring and more. The maximum (5500 Pa) mode is designed for rugs or more seriously dirty spots. The first mode can run for about 31 minutes and the second for about 28, enough for your daily cleaning.
    The convenience is in the details
    The Atvel F16 isn't limited by cords, can reach any angle and is always with you. The ergonomic handle and low center of gravity make cleaning convenient and easy. All the control buttons like on, change mode, and clean water spray are located on the handle. The vertical charging station lets you store your vacuum compactly in a convenient space.
    Lithium-ion battery size
    A full charge lasts 28-31 minutes depending on the cleaning mode which is enough for a combined home cleaning session. In this time, your device will both vacuum and mop. The battery is in a removable block that can be charged as a base or separate.
    • Wireless vacuum F16
    • Battery (main)
    • Combined roller (main)
    • Brush roller
    • Charging base with self-cleaning
    • Base to dry rollers
    • Brush for cleaning
    • Small brush for cleaning
    • Adapter
    • Instructions
    Price: 299 € 269 €