Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Atvel F16 Ultimate

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Atvel F16 Ultimate
Perfect cleaning along walls and cabinets
The roller is moved to the edge of the cleaning module. This design allows the most thorough cleaning in the corners and near the skirting boards. The Atvel F16 Ultimate cleans hard-to-reach places flawlessly and leaves no dust streaks unlike other upright vacuum cleaners. After it, you do not need to wash the corners manually.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
UV sterilization lamp
Atvel F16 Ultimate is equipped with a UV disinfection lamp that disinfects the floor by destroying viruses and bacteria. This is especially useful in homes with small children. The lamp is completely safe for humans and animals. It turns on only during the sliding process and automatically turns off when the cleaning module is lifted off the floor.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Cleaning twice as fast
Atvel F16 Ultimate will pick up debris and mop the floor in one pass. You no longer need to spend time first on dry, and then on wet cleaning. During operation, the vacuum cleaner simultaneously sucks up debris, and the wet roller washes the coating from dust and dried-on dirt. Dirty water is collected in a separate container instead of remaining on the floor. And, what is most important, there are no restrictions in the form of wires!
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Advanced self-cleaning
With Atvel F16 Ultimate, there is no need to wash the cleaning module and roller manually. All it takes is to place the vacuum cleaner on the charging station and start intensive self-cleaning. In 1 minute, the vacuum cleaner will drive clean water through the nozzles, and also clean the module from hair and dirt stuck to the roller.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Automatic roller drying
Now the roller does not need to be removed after self-cleaning and dried separately from the vacuum cleaner. It will be dried automatically on the base.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Combined roller for all types of surfaces
Soft roller with polymer bristles effectively collects wool, hair and dust without leaving a single scratch. Due to the supply of clean water and fast rotation, the vacuum cleaner removes any, even dried-on dirt from the floor. Dirty water is not smeared on the floor, but is squeezed out from the back of the roller and enters the waste container.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Easier control of the vacuum cleaner during cleaning
The rotating roller creates draught. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner becomes more maneuverable: it does not need to be pushed forward, it will move on its own. Now cleaning is much easier and more convenient, especially for women and children.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
HEPA filter against fine dust and allergens
The HEPA12 class filter purifies the blown air, and the smart filtration system humidifies it with water. Thanks to this, after cleaning there is no smell of dust in the apartment. If necessary, the HEPA filter can also be washed to achieve maximum air purification.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Spacious containers for clean and dirty water
Atvel F16 Ultimate is equipped with two containers: for clean water with a capacity of 680 ml and for dirty water with a capacity of 450 ml. Well-designed volume does not weigh down the vacuum cleaner during cleaning and at the same time it allows you to spend the maximum amount of liquid required for perfect cleanliness.

The vacuum cleaner has a smart water supply to the roller in order to prevent puddle formation on the floor.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Smart control system
If something goes wrong, Atvel F16 Ultimate will promptly report its status. Information will appear on the LCD display: it will show the level of charge, lack of water or a full waste container.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Up to 46 minutes of battery life
Atvel F16 Ultimate has two convenient modes of operation: ECO and MAX.

MAX is suitable for severe contaminations and cleaning carpets. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner can work 41 minutes without recharging.

ECO is designed for cleaning smooth surfaces: laminate, tiles, parquet. In this mode, the vacuum cleaner can work for 46 minutes without recharging.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
Ergonomic Design
Atvel F16 Ultimate can be controlled with one hand. All control buttons are located on the handle: power, switching modes, water supply. Thanks to the bottom block, the Atvel F16 Ultimate glides across the floor effortlessly. The charging station does not take up much space and allows you to neatly place the vacuum cleaner anywhere in the apartment.
Atvel F16 Ultimate
High capacity lithium-ion battery
The battery capacity is 4,000 mAh. A full charge will be enough to clean up to 200 square meters. The battery itself is removable. This allows you not to waste time on recharging when you have an additional battery.
Set includes
- F16 Ultimate Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
- Battery
- Combined roller
- Charging base with self-cleaning and roller drying stand
- Cleaning brush
- Bore brush
- Adapter
- User Manual
Atvel F16 Ultimate