Robot vacuum cleaner

Atvel R70

Price: 199 €
Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
The suction power of Atvel R70 reaches 2200 Pa, which allows you to remove debris of various sizes and get dust from carpets.
2200 Pa suction power
Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 9-axis gyroscope module, that provides accuracy and allows to remember the location of the base and the areas which are already clean. Thanks to precise navigation, Atvel R70 cleans the entire available area without skipping and in minimal time. In addition, 13 proximity, touch and anti-falling sensors help R70 to navigate even more successfully and to be careful with interior elements.
Ideal gyroscope navigation
Atvel Zorro Z5 - maps
Advanced wet cleaning
The robot's water tank has a capacity of 240 ml and is equipped with an electronic water flow controller. The flow rate can be smoothly adjusted through the app. The design of the napkin bracket provides steady pressure on the surface to be cleaned, which improves the quality of dirt removal.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - planing
Remote control app
The robot can be controlled remotely via the Smart Life app. It allows you to set the power, adjust the water flow, select the mode, set the schedule, record the results of cleaning. A standard remote control is also available.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
HEPA H10 filtration
The R70 is equipped with a three-layer HEPA10 filter for cleaning the outgoing air. This filtration level allows you to detain submicron dust, dust mites and allergens.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - APP
120 min of working time
The 2000 mAh battery capacity allows cleaning for 120 minutes, which together with navigation provides high-quality cleaning of 110-120 m2. After the charge is exhausted, the vacuum cleaner will return to the dock on its own.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - mapping
Three cleaning modes
The robot vacuum cleaner supports three main cleaning modes:

1. Automatic – cleaning in the navigation mode of the entire area of the room.
2. Cleaning along the baseboards – the robot will follow along the walls, diligently removing garbage near the baseboards and in the corners.
3. Local – thorough cleaning in a square of 1x1 m.

In addition, for each mode, you can adjust the water supply from the maximum level to dry cleaning and select the power mode.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning agle
Cleaning at the baseboards
The device is equipped with two side brushes for efficient cleaning in corners and along walls.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - fast control
Combined V-shaped Carpet and Floor Brush
Due to the combined design, the robot's central brush is equally effective both on hard floors and on carpets, so the robot is able to pick up large debris and comb wool out of carpets.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - Samsung
It doesn't get stuck under furniture
Due to the small height of the case (78 mm), the robot is able to pass under low furniture. This means that it can clean under beds, bedside tables, etc.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - vacuum
Overcomes obstacles of height 15 mm
The undercarriage of the robot provides the ability to overcome thresholds of 15 mm and enter carpets.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - noise
Low noise level
Due to the efficient noise insulation, the model has a reduced noise level of 65 dB.
-Robot vacuum with a combined dustbin, a filter, brushes.
-Remote controller.
-Charging station.
-Network adapter.
-Mop rag - 1 item.
Price: 199€