Price: 190€
A self-emptying base for the robot vacuum cleaner

Atvel R80

Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
The docking station not only charges the vacuum cleaner, but also empties the dustbin automatically, eliminating the only manual stage of cleaning. The fully autonomous Atvel R80 is convenient to turn on daily, because you no longer need to waste time cleaning the container. The device prevents dust contacting with air and returning to the apartment, as it happens while shaking out the container manually. With the self–cleaning station, maintenance cleaning will become more frequent, the time spent will be less, and the house will be cleaner.
Automatic emptying of the robot vacuum cleaner
Atvel Zorro Z5 - maps
Automatic charging
The Atvel R80 returns to the charging base on its own if it needs to be recharged or at the end of cleaning. When the robot gets up to the station, all the garbage collected by it is sucked into a special dust collector with an air valve. Self-emptying will not start without the robot, so any errors are excluded. You can change the dust collector in one movement about once a month.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - planing
Mobile App
The base chooses the power for cleaning the dustbin automatically, but you can change any settings and monitor the operation of the station. The mobile application allows you to manage the database remotely
Price: 190 €