Robot vacuum cleaner

Atvel R80

Price: 260 €
Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
Cleaning effectivity directly depends on the robot's ability to orient itself in space. Modern gyroscope navigation modules are just as accurate as laser while being more reliable and long-lasting. Using the 9-axis highly accurate gyroscope module and the advanced SLAM navigation algorithm, the robot will construct a spatial map in real time and accurately evaluate its location. This guarantees complete cleaning of the space.
Ideal gyroscope navigation
Atvel Zorro Z5 - maps
Map construction in real time
Detailed spatial map that the robot constructs is visualized in the app. This lets you be sure that the robot hasn't missed anything and is moving rationally. Control of the process is completed by the recording function. You can watch how your robot moved in previous cleaning sessions.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - planing
Functional mobile app
You can control your robot completely remotely from any place that has Internet access. You can start cleaning, set a schedule, correct the schedule, check the results as well as use other functions.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
Dry and wet cleaning simultaneously
You will find an additional dustbin with a water container and built-in pump included. By using it, you can do both dry and wet cleaning at the same time using a rag with microfibers. Additionally, the vacuum will use alternating motions, imitating the motion of manual mopping.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - APP
The water container with a pump and electronic controller
Unlike models with normal water tanks, the Atvel SmartGyro R80 is equipped with an intelligent water pumping system. The model has a pump and a programmable usage controller that provides three intensity modes. This lets you regulate the rag's moisture level while avoiding puddles and leaks near the battery.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - mapping
Wide swipe
The robot is equipped with a V-shaped spiral brush that is joined with side brushes to provide a 35-cm long (14-in) cleaning line. The brushes have a combined covering made from rubber and down provide effective cleaning of hair, fur, and large pieces of trash.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning agle
HEPA air filtration and humidifying
The robot is equipped with a HEPA10 filter that removes allergens and small dust particles from the space. Additionally, the rag with microfibers removes sub-micro particles stuck to the floor and humidifies the air, improving the microclimate of your home.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - fast control
Intense rug cleaning
The robot recognizes carpeting and automatically increases the sucking power to its maximum. When it returns to the smooth floor, the power level will return to its previous level.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - Samsung
Anti-collision system
Thanks to 10 pairs of infrared sensors, the robot determines obstacles in advance, providing soft collisions with furniture or other objects in your home. The rubber bumper guarantees safety for even the most delicate surfaces.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - vacuum
It doesn't get stuck under furniture
The Atvel SmartGyro R80 is only 8 cm tall (3,15 inches) letting it easily move under furniture 8,5 cm and higher (3.2 inches)
Atvel Zorro Z5 - noise
7 cleaning modes
Variety of cleaning for any space or goal is provided by the following modes:
Auto - default mode - cleans in a zig-zag pattern, along the walls, random cleaning.

Edge - cleans along walls.

Area - cleaning a 2x2 sq meter area (43 sq ft).

Random - cleans randomly until the charge runs out.

Deep cleaning - two zig-zag paths.

Scrubbing - the robot uses alternating movements.

Gyro - additional mode - cleans in a zig-zag patter and along the walls.

Atvel Zorro Z5 - mopping
High suction power
The reliable and powerful R80 motor creates a vacuum of up to 1400 Pa which is sufficient to pick up large pieces of trash from the floor. The brush with combined coverings improves the process. The remote and app let you choose three different cleaning intensity modes.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - small size
Reliable LG battery
The long-lasting 2600 mAh battery has LG elements and provides up to 120 minutes of work on one charge. This is enough for large spaces. In any case, if the robot's charge runs out before it finishes cleaning, it will recharge its battery and complete the cleaning from where it stopped on its own.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - anticord
Intelligent sensors
The robot is equipped with 15 pairs of various sensors that determine obstacles, large drops and that look for the charging station. Thanks to them, the robot can act clearly and carefully. It won't run into walls; it won't fall off the stairs and will always return to the dock station.
Atvel Zorro Z5
Automatic charging and cleaning resumption
If the battery runs out of charge, the robot will automatically return to the charging station. Once the charge is full, it will resume cleaning from the place it stopped. You don't need to watch the robot and worry if it will finish cleaning or not.
-Robot vacuum with a standard dustbin (filters, brushes).
-Dustbin with water bank.
-Remote controller.
-Charging station.
-Network adapter.
-Additional HEPA filter - 1 item.
-Additional side brushes - 2 items.
-Mop rags - 2 items.
Price: 260 €