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Atvel Tune S5 Pro

Price: 69 €
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Exceptionally clear and detailed sound
Precisely tuned drivers made of a special wool composite material, thanks to its increased rigidity and lightness, provide ultra-fast and accurate response
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Other speakers
The speakers in Atvel Tune S5 Pro are made of a special acoustic wool composite material.

With excellent rigidity and lightness of the material, Atvel Tune S5 Pro provide ultra-fast and accurate response, eliminating parasitic vibrations and distortion.

Unlike earphones with other speakers, Atvel Tune S5 Pro cope with even the most dynamic and complex musical compositions.
The sound is reproduced cleanly and accurately, with clear spatial separation of musical instruments and faithfully delivered details.
Speakers in Atvel Tune S5 Pro
Diaphragms with low rates of rigidity and lightness react more slowly to the movements of the voice coil and cannot cope with dynamic musical compositions, causing parasitic vibrations and sound distortion.
The drivers are made of a special acoustic wool composite material with excellent rigidity and lightness.

They provide ultra-fast and accurate response, eliminating parasitic vibrations and distortion.

The sound is reproduced cleanly and accurately, with clear spatial separation of musical instruments and faithfully delivered details.
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Powerful and spacious sound
With a larger acoustic chamber, reinforced neodymium magnets and large 10mm drivers, Atvel Tune S5 Pro deliver powerful surround sound and rich, deep bass.
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Speakers with longer strokes for deeper bass
The speakers of Atvel Tune S5 Pro are designed to provide longer strokes and more space for the linear displacement. Thanks to the special structure, the speakers have enough space to produce surround sound and deep, detailed bass.
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High fidelity sound without distortion or noise
Precisely tuned HiFi-5 DSP digital signal processing system, powerful chipset with 3x 32-bit CPU and NPU neural processor generate high-resolution audio signal for you to enjoy studio-quality sound.
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Excellent voice quality during calls
With 6-microphone noise cancellation and PureVoice speech recognition technology, your voice sounds exceptionally clear and natural during phone calls, even in noisy environments.
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The 6-microphone system effectively picks up and amplifies the sound of your voice, cutting off external noise so that the other person hears you loudly and clearly even in noisy environments
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Stable connection without interruptions and failures
The advanced chipset in Atvel Tune S5 Pro is characterized by increased energy efficiency and high-performance data transmission algorithms, which ensures excellent call quality.

Atvel Tune S5 Pro instantly connects to the device when the case is opened, provide a stable connection without breaks and failures, better connection stability even in the presence of obstacles or in crowded environments.
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Intelligent Noise Cancellation Hybrid ANC
The 6-microphone Hybrid Noise Cancellation System picks up and blocks ambient sounds, providing up to 40dB of noise cancellation. So you can focus on what's important or immerse yourself in your favorite music.
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Turn off ambient noise, focus on work
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Turn down your surroundings to fully enjoy your music
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Wind protection system
The Hybrid ANC system has a built-in intelligent wind protection algorithm. The system monitors wind noise in real time and generates reverse sound waves to cancel out the wind noise.

The special shape of the microphone holes provides mechanical wind protection.

Enjoy great sound quality for calls and music in any weather.
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Communicate comfortably without removing your earphones
Transparency mode allows you to hear what is happening around you without taking off your earphones.

A system of 6 built-in microphones effectively captures and amplifies external sounds. The voices of others are heard clearly and loudly.

You can easily talk to a colleague or order coffee while wearing earphones.
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Use transparency mode while jogging or when crossing the road to hear the world around you
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In-ear detection
With a built-in proximity sensor, the earphones automatically pause the music when one or two earbuds are taken off, and turn on the music when you put the earbuds back on.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - small size
All-day comfort and stable fit
The specially shaped ear tips made of flexible, soft and pleasant to the touch SoftGel silicone provide an exceptionally comfortable fit and a tight seal for proper sound transmission and noise isolation, and securely lock the earphones in place.
4 pairs of ear tips of different sizes are included for a perfect fit.

Every curve of the earphone housing is carefully designed to ensure you don't feel tired or sore even after hours of listening.
Atvel Zorro Z5
Convenient touch control with wide functionality
Full control over the sound is always at your fingertips.
The highly sensitive sensors of the earphones accurately respond to touch, allowing you to easily and conveniently control the functions of the earphones.
Intuitive touch controls save you from having to take out your phone.
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Voice assistant
Instant access to the voice assistant at your fingertips.
Manage your daily activities, set reminders, make notes, check the weather and news faster and easier with your voice assistant.
Speech recognition technology and a built-in 6-microphone system ensure error-free and efficient voice assistant operation.
Atvel Zorro Z5
34 hours of music playback (7h + 27h)
Atvel Tune S5 Pro earphones provide up to 7 hours of use on a single charge and up to 34 hours with a charge from the case.
Enjoy great sound and stay connected all day long.
Need to recharge quickly? 10 minutes in the case will provide up to 2 hours of music playback.
The charging case supports both Qi wireless charging and charging via USB-C cable.
Atvel Zorro Z5
IPX5 protection from water
Whether you're planning on an intense workout or going for a run in the rain, you don't need to worry.
The earphones have IPX5 rating of protection against sweat and moisture, which means that your favorite music will accompany you in any weather.
* Without obstacles
** Listening time varies by volume level and audio content
Price: 69 €