Robot window cleaner
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Atvel Zorro Z6

Atvel Zorro Z5 - maps
Intelligent navigation
The robot is equipped with a gyromodule that allows it to control its movements on the glass. Thanks to the gyromodule data and modern control algorithm, the robot covers the whole area of the window, does not leave a single missed area, and returns to the starting point after cleaning.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
Imitation of a handwash
Thanks to the constantly rotating wheels and the wipes made of hygroscopic cloth, the robot makes intensive rubbing movements. The dual cleaning module travels over the same area twice - with the upper and lower discs. This ensures a high quality of dirt removal.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - maps
New generation safety sensors
The window cleaner is equipped with sensitive MEMS sensors that constantly monitor the operation of the device - measure the distance covered, identify when you touch the frame, measure the pressure in the vacuum system. This ensures safe operation and eliminates straying from the surface to be cleaned.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - planing
It cleans 1.5 times faster
The robot will not keep you waiting long. Zorro Z6 is equipped with high-speed drive motors, which allow you to clean at a high speed - 1 sq.m. in just 3.6 minutes. Normally it takes 4-5 minutes for a robot window cleaner to do that.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
It cleans even high windows
Cable and power cord length of 5m, which allows you to clean even tall windows and other glass surfaces.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - planing
Cohesion at the height
The vacuum motor goes at 20,000 rpm, which creates a vacuum of 3,500 Pa. This provides great cohesive force.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - algoritm
Thanks to a special algorithm and sensors that provide full control of the device, the robot can clean frameless surfaces such as mirrors, glazing, glass doors. It won't get lost or fall off them.
Sensitive operation even on frameless surfaces
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
Apply different cleaning algorithms
Automatic: up and down
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
Local: Left-down
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning
Local: right-down
Atvel Zorro Z5 - mapping
Remote control
The robot starts with a single button and can be controlled by a remote: turn it on and off, change the route, or pause the devices.
Atvel Zorro Z5 - cleaning agle
Backup emergency battery
The robot is powered from the mains. But if there is a power failure, the vacuum motor continues running for 30 minutes. During this time, the robot will continue its work on the backup battery and will sound an alarm.